At Portland South Primary School the students elect two School Captains and two Vice-Captains each year. Six House Captains are also elected, to lead our house teams – Burswood, Prospect and Wando. Further students form a Student Representative Council.

Our weekly assemblies are the responsibility of school leaders, who prepare and lead the end of week celebrations. Leaders also represent our school at community events; plan and carry out fundraising activities; lead games for younger students during lunch breaks and generally act as role models for peers and younger students.


Student Leaders 2018

School Captains:
Rachael Perry & Luke Whitehead


School Vice Captains:
Madeline Smith & Holly O’Brien


Burswood House Leaders:
Holly O’Brien & Tanisha Zehetner


Prospect House Leaders:
Emelia Clements & Luke Whitehead


Wando House Leaders:
Crystal Tuffnell & Joey Kilpatrick


Jay O’Brien, Benjamin Lewis,
Emelia Clements, Tanisha Zehetner,
Joey Kilpatrick & Crystal Tuffnell.