School Contact Details

  • Portland South Primary School
    133 Edgar Street
    Portland, 3305
  • Phone: 03 5523 2911

School Payment Options

BPay—Payment made directly to the school by using your Bpay Biller Code and Reference Number (as displayed on your statement).

Cash or cheques directly to the office.

EFT – Bank Account Details as follows: BSB: 063 – 536 (CBA) Acc No: 00900094
Please use your name as the REFERENCE.

Centrepay—Centrepay is a bill paying service, free for Centrelink customers, through which deductions can be made from a customer’s payment directly to Portland South Primary School for payment of parent contributions.  Please see the office for more information.

Raising a Concern

If you have any concerns, please ring the school or call in to the office to arrange a time to meet with your child’s teacher.