Clubs is a highlight of the year for our students, and questions begin in Term 1 of “What are we doing?” and “Where are we going?” Each year in Term 3, our students participate in our Clubs program. Students are in groups with their buddy and rotate through a series of activities, with each activity running for 2 hours over 2 weeks. Activities are chosen to give students a taste of physical or leisure activities and helping others in our community. This year we are playing indoor cricket, geocaching, cooking, knitting and being mini-movers.

Extra Curricular Activities

Our students participate in various extra- curricular activities, from sport, music and drama to community service programs and unit study excursions. Extra-Curricular activities are extremely beneficial to all students. They help students build skills outside the classroom and open children’s minds to new interests. School excursions and incursions are an important and effective means of motivating students and engaging them in active learning experiences. Excursions are carefully planned as part of the educational program at each year level.