We encourage our students to be outside and active after school, as healthy children are more able to engage and be positive in their learning in the classroom. All students are expected to read each night. Homework will vary depending on the grade students are in. Students from the upper levels may have homework relating to topics covered in the  classroom from time to time.


At Portland South Primary School we are very fortunate to have a bright, welcoming and well-stocked library. All students have the opportunity to borrow from the Library on a weekly basis. Students browse and select books according to their interests and reading ability. Our librarian and classroom teachers encourage students to select good-fit books and value reading as a form of relaxation and knowledge gathering.


At our school everyone reads prior to the commencement of the learning day. When the bell rings at 8:50am, parents and children enter the classrooms and share the joy of reading –changing and reading take home books, diving into novels, or sharing picture story books. This has been part of our culture for many years, and is an important part of our day.


We recognise, value and develop the ways students can support each other at our school. Every student is buddied up with someone from a different grade, then throughout the year buddy groups take part in special activities and events. Buddies get to know each other through these activities, and build relationships and trust in the process. Buddies are especially important to Foundation students, who meet their buddies on Orientation Day. The big buddies provide support in the yard, a friendly face and a special friend to beginning students.