Lunch Orders

The school does not operate a Canteen. However, lunches may be purchased on Fridays from a local store, Short Street Milk Bar, Portland. A Lunch Order Price list will be sent home with the newsletter at the beginning of the year. A healthy variety of hot foods, sandwiches, rolls, snacks, drinks, etc. is available at competitive prices. The procedure for ordering is as follows:

  • Orders must be placed in a container located at the Office by 9.00am.
  • Lunches are delivered to the school at approx. 1.20pm.
  • The senior students deliver the lunches to classrooms.
  • Orders to be written on brown paper bags, showing the following details:

                      *  Child’s Name & Grade

                      *  Lunch Order & Cost

                      *  Amount of money enclosed.

John Citizen Gr 3

1 Salad Roll $5.00
1 Orange Juice $1.50
Total $6.50
Money Enclosed: $7.00